Thursday, November 25, 2010


During my initial visit to MonteMaria Tagaytay, I was busy taking pictures of the Altar and its surroundings. What really caught my attention was the majestic lifelike Cross that hung as the centerpiece with its borders lighted all around the edges.

I went to it right at the center to as close as I can and started taking pictures of this beautiful Cross. Afterwards, I scrutinized the fine details of it craftsmanship and construction. But as I gazed my eyes on the face of Jesus, the Image that I perceived was that of a real face of Jesus as He was agonizing on the Cross.

I suddenly felt saddened as I understood clearly the sufferings He bore for our sins as His face seemed to be in deep agonizing pain. It was then that I realized how much pain He had to endure for sins that were not even of His own doing and yet He never complained of His suffering as He was lying there bearing it all for our Salvation. I knew that this Cross was truly magnificent since I felt its Divine Presence just by being near it and staring at it intently. It was truly a moving experience I have never felt before.

The huge majestic Cross that is the centerpiece of the Altar of the new Chapel in MonteMaria is not only magnificent but truly miraculous. From its humble origins in a storage room in Manila and how it made its way to MonteMaria Tagaytay is in itself an example of how Divine Destiny intertwines with the work of the humble healer Fr. Fernando Suarez.

These are the pictures I have taken of that Divine Healing Cross of Jesus at MonteMaria Tagaytay and the story that follows is an excerpt from the Newsletter Issue No. 5 of the Mother Mary of the Poor Foundation.

It happened during a rest break while celebrating a healing Mass at Our Lady of Mercy in Novaliches, Manila on Oct. 8, 2009. After praying over thousands of people, Fr. Fernando passed by a dark storage room in the parish on his way to the rectory.

While going by, he heard a voice calling him to go inside. As he stumbled feeling his way around, he placed his hand on a large crucifix lying down on a table. He heard once again the Lord say, “Take me with you”.

Shocked and overwhelmed by this experience, he went to the pastor to tell him the story. Fr. Monty Viloria replied back, “I have been praying about what to do with this crucifix and to whom I shall give it. It is for you . . . thank you, as you're an answer to my prayer!”

The new home became MonteMaria and when we opened on March 13, 2010, there was Jesus on the cross, behind the altar, so alive and so beautiful, calling everyone to come and find rest in His Heart.

In July, 2010, one woman came to Fr. Fernando to pray for a restoration of her hearing. After no success, Fr. Fernando pointed her to the crucifix to ask Jesus himself. Many times at his healing Masses, Fr. Fernando would always reiterate, that he is merely an instrument and that Jesus is the Divine Healer who actually heals.

After praying some time at the foot of the cross, she saw light radiate from the eyes of Jesus and penetrate into her eyes. As the brightness hit her, something popped out of her ears and she was able to hear again! She immediately gave a testimonial of her healing to the people in attendance.

After the Mass, the line-ups begin, and people one by one make their way to touch and pray at the feet of Jesus and seek healing. Jesus does not disappoint them and comes to them, consoles them, and tells them not to worry and that He is with them in their suffering. May we all find our strength at the foot of the Miraculous Cross!

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Fatima Estacio said...

The Healing Cross is from the Shrine of Our Lady of Mercy in Novaliches and not from Our lady of Grace Church. We are more than happy that this crucifix was asked by Fr. Suarez from Fr. Monty Viloria for it now serves its real purpose to be venerated by the faithfuls.
This is a very old cross that used to be in our old altar. When we had our new altar, this cross has been lying on a table in one of the rooms to the refectory. It is the Lord's divine providence that this cross be part of Monte Maria! Now, we know it is in the right home!!!
May this miraculous healing cross reminds us always of Jesus' great love for all of us!!!!